Silver Sponsor: Bavarian State Forest Enterprise (Bayerische Staatsforsten)

The Bavarian State Forest Enterprise (Bayerische Staatsforsten) is supporting us as Silver Sponsor!

Welcome to the IFSS 2016 and welcome to Bavaria!

The Bavarian State Forest Enterprise (Bayerische Staatsforsten) is delighted to support this year’s IFSS. It’s a wonderful occasion to come together, exchange knowledge and deepen intercultural understanding. In times when conflicts are
regaining strength in the world this is of eminent importance!

At the same time the societies of the world have to deal with major challenges like
climate change or the approaching end of a world economy that is based on fossil resources. Forests and their sustainable management help to deal with these
challenges and play a key role in a sustainable development in the 21 st century. Let us give you an insight on how we try to contribute to the sustainable development of our region. We very much look forward to seeing you all in August in Bavaria!

The Bavarian State Forest Enterprise is the largest forest enterprise in Germany.
With over 800.000 hectares they manage about 30 % of Bavaria’s forest area – or
roughly 11 % of its total land area. Together with their staff of 2.600 forest workers,foresters, specialists and administrative staff the Bavarian State Forests take stewardship for the state owned forests in Bavaria and manage them according to
the principle of sustainability in a close-to- nature manner. With an annual cut of 5,43 million m³, a turnover of 404 million € was generated last year.

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