Meet the OC

The OC and the people behind IFSS 2016 want to introduce themselves to you. They decided to answer a few questions without any words for this post and are looking forward to meeting you in person during the IFSS 2016!

What are you looking forward to the most during the IFSS 2016?


Erwin Moldaschl (Food), Alice Cosatti (Marketing, IT), Katharina Albrich (Finances, Administration, Marketing)

What is your favourite part of the program that you have been planning for the IFSS 2016?


Antonia Lindau (Transportation, Pre-Hike), Lisa Lehner (Chair, Program, Marketing), Alexander Vilsmeier (Administration)

What makes the IFSS 2016 in Austria and Bavaria so special?


Manuel Rakos (Program), Martina-Marianne Meyer (Food), Benjamin Stadler (Chair, Food)

What should participants definitely bring with them for the IFSS 2016?


Fabian Zopf (Finances), Jasmin Zisch (Transportation)