Travelling Advice


Austrian tap water has extremely high quality- it comes directly from the Alps! You will not need to buy bottled water here.

quellenschutzwald-gr(Photo: MA 49)


Remember to bring your hiking boots to the IFSS 2016! The terrain in Austria can be very steep and uneven because of the Alps.
And please bring clothes for a temperature range of approximately 5 °C to 35 °C.

3735074328_bb88aa4f47_z(Photo: Kat Stan)

Waste separation

We care about the environment, so waste seperation is an important topic in Austria. We separate between paper, plastic packaging, stained glas, clear glas, metal packaging and residul waste. Be careful to trash your waste in the correct dustbin.



Ticks are very small arachnids that mostly bite animals but sometimes also humans. They can pass on diseases like lyme borreliosis, tick-borne encephalitis and many more. Please be aware of the danger and find further information here.

tick(Photo: John Tann)